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Custom Color Changing Magic Mug in Bangladesh

Are you looking for that charismatic gift which will not only make your beloved one delighted with surprise but also will highlight your innovative and smart selection of gift? An amazing gift can express your love much more than words and can also create a memorable benchmark to cherish. Create the magical moment of love, affection and celebration with “MAGIC MUG”.

WHAT IS THE MAGIC MUG? This mug is no less than real magic to surprise your loving person. This mugs look like normal black color mugs but these mugs will show the real magic when you will add hot tea, coffee, milk or water into it. A beautiful customized message or a heart touching photo or any special picture of your choice will be seen on these customized magic mugs.

WHY YOU WILL CHOOSE MAGIC MUG? We proudly offer this world class magic mug in Bangladesh. This can be the perfect gift for any occasion, any celebration, and any person whom you wish to surprise. Every time for this printing on mugs the person will remember and cherish your memories, will appreciate your smart and different choice. Now on your customized magic mug you can express what your heart holds, your every feelings, your every emotions will be now beautifully delivered by printing on mugs.

WANT TO BE DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS? A traditional gift does not create any difference or surprise but these Color Changing Magic Mugs can be the best solution for any occasion. These beautifully shaped light weighted magic coffee mugs have a sensitive layer around which show special picture or message of your choice to make it your customized magic mug.

HANDLING TIPS: It will be better if it’s kept away from direct sunlight or scratch but can be washed whenever required and its magical appearance will not be affected at all. We request to carefully deal with hot liquids as your safety is our major concern.

We are really professional at delivering customized magic mug to meet your requirements in the most effective and efficient way. Years of boring gifts and traditional greetings will now be replaced with the cool, vibrant and trendy Color Changing Magic Mug. Delight your loved one, prove your innovative choice, surprise everyone and so order magic mugs right now!!!

By only spending 450 TK you can ensure the million dollar smile and happiness of your near and dear ones, which is nothing in comparison of the pleasure and charm that you will give them. For years they will cherish your memories and appreciate your unique smart choice.

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P.S: We receive orders of normal mugs for companies or organizations with their customized logo at a very reasonable and attractive price. Bulk Mug Details