Promotional Corporate Branded Mug Printing

Promotional Corporate Branded Mug Printing

Magic Mug BD is customized mug printing related service provider in Bangladesh. It prints logos or images on mugs to make user friendly mugs. It raises the beauty of mugs and makes them more attractive. Maximum time people use magic mugs for creating a memorable work, celebration, gift, branding and many more.

Many people thought magic mug creation is very costly and can’t provide high quality service, but the amazing news is that we are providing world’s top class color changing magic mug in Bangladesh within reasonable price. There is no way to hold back us from other companies because we always providing good quality, clear printing and friendly customer service.

What’s Our Quality? Now you have interest to know about our best quality and price. Many companies are telling about best quality, but not providing accurately. What we mean about best quality? We are using latest technology to print and if you use it direct sun light and washed hardly, there is no chance to get scratched. The main point is that after order you will get a demo and on this time you can run verification about quality.

What’s Our Reasonable Price? We are telling that we are providing services in reasonable price. Is it real? Yes! We are not charging any hidden charge from customers. We are not taking 100% money while order, just need to pay 50% money and the rest while delivery. We are always trying to make it more reasonable. Not only for customers’ facility but also our business proposal we will always keep it up. This is our price list,

Quantity Normal Mug (unit) Color Mug (unit) Magic Mug (unit)
50 Pcs 220 TK 230 TK 380 TK
100 Pcs 210 TK 220 TK 360 TK
300 Pcs 200 TK 210 TK 350 TK
500 Pcs 195 TK 205 TK 340 TK
1000 Pcs 190 TK 200 TK 330 TK


Now you can think how you will verify that all? Yes! It’s the point. After order, first we send a demo to customer and if you agree with that, then we will print other mugs.

What’s our friendly service? In Bangladesh, there are many places that people can’t order easily because they can’t go to factory or office to order for far or any other causes. We thought about that and growing our company as online based. It will help anyone to order fast and quickly. We accept minimum 50 mugs order, so it will be affordable.

So hopefully it will help you to save time. We are delivering orders within 3 to 5 days and it’s really very fast and we are trying to make it more faster. We are taking delivery charge for delivery but if you collect your customized mugs from office, no need to pay any delivery charge.

HOW TO ORDER??? FILL UP THIS FORM with Your Desired PHOTO or Company LOGO.

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